SumWare Asset Register

Building on the long serving Asset Register software originally created by Peter Cook in the '90s, the Asset Register continues the tradition of ease-of-use with a more modern interface, and some cool new features.

SumWare Consulting have been in the software design business for 30 years and have combined their software expertise with the at-the-coalface experience Peter has accumulated over many years.

Based on FileMaker Pro, the SumWare Asset Register has a host of features. Designed for the New Zealand and Australian market, it is ideally suited to schools and small businesses. It is reasonably priced, and can be configured in a variety of ways using the FileMaker platform.

The system runs on both Macintoshes and PCs or a combination in a network environment.

Asset Register Standard Feature List

  • Macos High Sierra or Windows 10 or higher
  • Straight Line (cost price) or Diminishing Value Depreciation
  • Choose your own End of Year date
  • Partial Disposals
  • Range of financial reports
  • Print individual assets or a summary of assets
  • Monthly tax depreciation reporting for YTD accounting.
  • Ability to store non-Assets for insurance and inventory purposes
  • Easy find and queries on many fields
  • Tracking of serial numbers
  • Bar code and scan assets
  • Location reports for managing and reconciling assets
  • Responsiblity reports for managing and reconciling assets.
  • Export to Excel
  • Replacement report for Straight Line depreciated items
  • asset register detail screen

    Asset Register Business Feature List

  • Import Asset information directly from MoneyWorks, avoiding duplication
  • Export depreciation amount (annual or monthly) by asset category directly into MoneyWorks journal
  • Export disposal information directly into the MoneyWorks journal
  • Track management depreciation rates as well as tax depreciation and report on either
  • Colour coding for easy identification of additions and disposals
  • Monthly and quarterly depreciation reports
  • MoneyWorks logo